College, AP Exams, and Grad!

Wow, it’s been so long since my last blog post!

It has been crazy busy recently with schoolwork, exams, college applications, scholarships, and extracurriculars. I just visited the UBC campus on Saturday and it was gorgeous. I am super excited to attend college there in September and live on campus! *PS. My white Ford Focus is on the way from Victoria! Can’t wait to drive around my first car!

I just had a minor anxiety attack yesterday because I was worried about the competitive requirements to get admitted to UBC’s Computer Science program. Talking it out with friends and family and reflecting on my study habits helped me put things in perspective though and I’m confident that I will try my best.

I also had a great time at Celine’s birthday party on Saturday at Trattoria. The food was delicious, and it was great to spend time with friends and celebrate her turning 18!

I have my AP English Literature exam on Wednesday and I am studying hard for it! There are 55 multiple choice questions and 3 essays, a pretty hard exam! I will make sure to get a good nights sleep and try to relax the day before!

Senioritis is really hitting me hard, grade 12 just has so much going on! Commencement is in less than a month and the anticipation to walk across the stage and finally graduate is killing me. High school really went by fast and now I’m trying to cherish every day of my time here at this stage of my life.


Math and More!

I have started summer school and I am already deep into learning about polynomials and more! I am taking Pre-Calculus 12 this summer so I can have a less stressful year in grade 12 (hello free block!) but I do have to give up part of my summer unfortunately. If I said that the course is the most exciting thing I could be doing during the summer, I would be lying but at least I am exercising my brain muscles. The classes run 8 am to 12 pm; there are also two quizzes every day plus frequent tests. It is a lot more intense than taking math in school because of the fast pace…I hope it is worth it!

It also gives me a chance to practice my time management and motivation skills. Since there is so much content, I have to make time to practice…for hours on end! This should prepare me well for my courses next year, such as AP English which is known to be one of the hardest courses in high school.

In my free time, I currently enjoy reading some good novels, practicing yoga, playing the piano, and just relaxing on the couch watching Netflix (especially The Fosters!).


Sunny Days

For the past couple of days, the weather has been really nice. I went biking with my friends by the seawall at Stanley Park and at Central Park. I forgot how good it felt to just get active and enjoy the surroundings…it felt really liberating. The constant motion of pedaling, feeling the wind blow back your hair, breathing in the fresh air, and watching the calming waves makes me fall in love with nature all over again.

I also got my report card yesterday; I worked hard this year and finally earned straight A’s in all my 11 courses! There was also a sheet attached to my report card which is a summer assignment to prep me for the AP Computer Science Principles courses I am taking next year. For just a moment, I doubted my abilities and wondered if I am capable of the courseload. Then, I thought of all the times that I really wanted to learn more about technology and I gave myself a little pep talk and convinced myself to do it, because I know that no matter what the result of the course is, any action is better than no action. If I do not try the course out, I might never know if I like computer science or not and if I do, the course should help prepare me for college.

One last thing I have to mention: I tried a new restaurant yesterday called Joey’s and their food (and two-story washroom) was superb!


Keep Calm and Carry On

Today, I played a preppy schoolgirl on set. Although we did not get any breakfast or lunch, besides a sandwich, I was excited about seeing Ross Lynch, Brec Bassinger, and Gregg Sulkin! It’s always hard not to go into total fan-girl mode when you see celebrities that you have been watching on the screen and following on social media for years. It was a pretty short day before we were wrapped, 9:30 am to 3 pm, but I am actually glad to get home early and have some well-deserved rest!

I have been waking up early for the last couple of days, despite having no school. In fact, I barely even had a chance to relax! I am going to spend most of next week with friends, though. I am going to watch Finding Dory, go biking by the seawall and at Central Park, and attend a dinner birthday party.

Ah, I love my busy and chaotic life. 1401x788-480732819

Fear of Missing Out

I admit, I do not enjoy being left out. When people make plans without me or just don’t tell me, I feel lonely. Everybody does it because there is only so much people you can always invite to go out. I guess I have what is known as FOMO.

Lately, I have been getting back into yoga. I love yoga because it is so much more than just the physical benefits, it really connects to who you are inside. It helps me be calm, grounded, mindful, grateful…and teaches you about self-compassion. Whenever I am on my mat, I am strong and perfectly content with being alone or with others. I realize that I need to get comfortable being by myself, accepting who I am without anybody else because at the end of the day, YOU are your best friend.background-3


This year, I truly worked hard and when summer came, I felt the burnout. Is it normal to feel like not doing anything but at the same time, feeling guilty that you are not being productive? Whenever I think about doing something I have been waiting to do for a long time, like learning how to code or watching PLL or The Fosters, a voice in my head tells me to go preview Pre-calculus 12 before summer school starts. How do you give yourself permission to just relax and chill for once? Am I becoming a workaholic before I even started a career?


It’s finally summer! I’m currently taking a WordPress class by Ladies Learning Code at Lighthouse Labs.

Yesterday, I was on set for Wayward Pines until 9 pm so I am a bit tired today. Although I did not really talk to anybody since they were all adults, I still had fun and got food! I really liked their curry soup. There was about 250 people for background!

Also, I am booked for Status Update tomorrow. I am really excited because some of my favourite actors / actresses are going to be on the show, including Olivia Holt, Ross Lynch, and Brec Bassinger! I probably going to be playing a high school student again, which I am definitely an expert at!

On a more serious note, I am seriously confused about what I want. I feel like I am undecided on so many things…my major, what college I want to go to, careers, etc. Researching doesn’t help…it just makes me more confused. I need some clarity in my life.